Admin Dashboard

Click on the mluvii icon in the upper-left corner of the application’s user interface (two white mluvii icons on a blue background). This will take you to the Admin Dashboard section, where you can find complete information about your license. You can also freely filter the data according to the chart at the bottom of the page. In addition to the company data, you find, for example, groups, to which you are assigned at the same time.

In Dashboard, you can also monitor the following information about company licenses:

  • the current use of licenses - how many operators are simultaneously registered within the company (across tenants)

  • use of licenses over the course of time - in the timeline, you can also set the graphic representation of the licenses used for the precise time period

  • and the date for the expiration of licenses.

Agent Metrics - BETA version

If you have the Company Administrator role, you may have noticed that a new Agent Metrics feature has appeared in the upper right corner of the Admin Dashboard. The function is currently in the prototype phase. However, we have decided to add it to the app in order to collect as many suggestions and comments from you as possible. We will be happy if you will share your ideas with us at or directly from the app via Feedback.

Agent Metrics were made for monitoring the statistics and performance of individual agents. For example, you can follow the details of the number of sessions, average session length, agent status and much more there.

Note: Access to the Admin Dashboard section is for users with minimum company Administrator authorizations.

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