This section contains a list of all users (operators and administrators) from your company. Here you can create new users, edit their data, set their permissions to individual tenants, grant administrator rights, or deactivate and reactivate the account.

Create a new role

To add a new user, click the button + add new in the top right corner. In the new panel, you will fill in the name, surname, e-mail and operator’s username, which your clients will also see. Click the “Add User” button to save the data and enter the link to set the password on that email. Once the access data is set, the operator can log on to the application itself.

The role of administrator

As the Administrator you assign operators to their groups and set permissions for them. For the selected user, you must first click on one of the tenants (located under the “Edit Profile” and “Permissions” buttons). In the new panel, you will find the possibility of editing user data for the tenant (as in Profile). Under the photo icon you can assign authority and scope of authority of the operator. You can find it on the upper part of section list of groups and assign the operator by simply selecting the checkbox. By using the icons () you can further adjust the settings for individual group. If none of the groups are satisfactory, you can use the “Manage groups” below the list of groups and you can establish a new one.

Notice: When you first enter this section you will only see active users. If the user is deactivated he/she disappears from the list. If you want to see currently activated and deactivated users in your tenant, you will find a filter icon in the top left panel (). Click on it, check both boxes (Activated, Deactivated) and confirm it.

Tip: In the top right corner there is the button "Go to". Through it, you can access the session, files and templates of each individual user.

Operator's permission

You can also control the operator's role by granting permission to manage communication channels in mluvii. You can set operator permissions at the tenant level, and you can use the check box to assign channels to Mluvii, Phone, Email, Facebook and WhatsApp. Checking this box gives the operator permission to operate the selected channel and use its associated functions with whom.

The operator can then switch in the Operator Status section of the UI for which channels it is active or not. Channel availability can be turned on and off in both Online and Away status.

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