Contact directory

The Contact directory is used to help you and your operators maintain information about your customers, which we acquired during conversations through one or more mluvii channels. The directory can be found in the left menu of the operator interface and also can be encountered by operators during a session with a customer in the customer Information section.

The directory allows you to:

  • associate information with known and new contacts
  • manage customer contact information,
  • Add or remove customers in the Directory,
  • search the Directory and filter according to the criteria you specify.

Orientation in the Contact directory

In the Contact directory, you can find customer records that were saved when they were in a session with them or that the operators associated with the contact. You can view information about a particular customer by clicking on the appropriate line. Selected contact fields can be edited or additional data can be assigned to them by pressing + Add one more. If you want to keep your changes on the customer card, click Save. You can also delete a card entry using the Delete button.

Customer records are sorted in the Contact directory according to four main identifiers:

  • ID - each customer will be assigned a unique identification number, under which they will be listed in the calendar. The Customer ID cannot be changed.
  • Name - the name and surname of the user provided by the customer in the mluvii form, Hero Card, through the OAuth authentication (Gmail, Facebook) or obtained by the operator during the session. Each customer has one name the operator can override in the Directory.
  • Email - The email address that the customer provided in the mluvii form, Hero Card, through OAuth authentication (Gmail, Facebook) or received by the operator during the session. The customer’s email can be edited or added to multiple contact emails.
  • Phone - telephone contact provided by the customer in the form, Hero Card, in the Callback field or during a session with the operator. The customer’s phone number can be edited or added.

Further information about customers is sorted by input channels into mluvii:

  • Facebook PSID - This information displays the unique identifier of the Facebook account of a customer who has entered into a conversation in mluvii via Facebook Messenger or has logged in to Facebook via OAuth authentication. The entry can be edited or added.
  • WhatsApp - If a customer has entered into a WhatsApp conversation with you, they will also see a unique WhatsApp Contact ID on their card. The entry can be edited or added.
  • VKontakte - If a customer has entered into a VKontakte conversation with you, they will also see a unique VK Contact ID on their card. The entry can be edited or added.

Custom parameter in Contact directory

You can also add a custom ID to the basic IDs in the Contact Directory. You can set this using your own Parameters. To set a parameter, go to Settings -> Applications -> Variables.

Click the Add button to create a new variable, fill in its name and label, and check the Identifies Customer box. This variable then serves as a unique identifier between speech and your internal systems. You can obtain this information from the customer using the entry form, Hero Card, during a session with the customer, or the operator can enter it manually into the Contact Directory.

Modification of identification data during a session with a customer

In the case of a session with a customer, the operator can add a contact to the Contact directory by clicking on Contact directory and the Add Contact button and then editing the customer’s credentials directly in the session.

If you find out during the session that this is a customer with whom you have previously dealt with a request, you can search for the entry in the Contact directory and link the contact information. Just click the Contact directory button and choose Select Existing. You will then search the list of contacts and, in case of a match, connect the contacts by pressing the Select button.

In the Customer Information section, you can use the Add one more button to manage your phone number, email address, or personally identifiable information about that customer. This is true even if the customer already has this information assigned.

Click the Options button, then the operator can Disconnect a contact from the Contact directory, Delete from the Contact directory or Open the Contact directory.

Well Arranged History of All Communication on the Level of Contact

During a session in progress, the operator has access to all previous communication. On a time axis, it displays a chronological order of all existing interactions carried out across various channels (chat including an invitation from the operator, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and IP telephony), in which they can look up specific information using full text search.

On the level of each interaction, it is possible to display its transcription along with related details and variables. Furthermore, all changes in contact details of a given entry (e.g. adding, editing and deleting phone numbers or e-mails) are displayed within the history.

The operator can display this history during a session in progress in the History tab, in the detail of an incoming e-mail as well as in the History tab and, of course, on the level of a contact in the Contact directory.

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