On this page, you can see an overview of all operators who are currently logged in. They can be in several statuses.


  • Online - The operator is available to sit with the customer.

  • In a call - the operator has a chat or A/V call with the customer.

  • Filling of form - the operator has completed the session with the customer and completes the rating.

  • Busy - the operator is just in a video call with a customer or is operating the maximum number of chat windows and cannot accept another.

  • Away - The operator is having a break. The timer also shows the time of his/her absence.

You also have the opportunity to look at more details in the columns.

  • By clicking on the name or surname you move to the user section where you can manage the profile of the operator.

  • By clicking on an individual group you move to the Group subsection of operators to see the group’s overall settings, including all operators.

  • When the operator is in a current session, you can see and watch its progress.

Tip: If you see in the list an operator who should not be logged in, you can log him/her out.

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