An integral part of customer care is proper performance evaluation. So the application contains detailed reports.


  • The number of sessions - sum of all chats, callback sessions, and invitations made by operators

  • Average waiting time - the average time that the customer waited in the queue before the operator accepted it

  • Average session duration - The average time the operator communicated with the customer in the session

  • The number of sessions according to results statistics of the session that was ended according to their results

  • The number of sessions according to customer rating - selection according to customer sessions

  • The number of activities - a record of the number of files or screen sharing on the operator or customer side

  • The number of sent offline forms - a record of the number of offline forms which were sent by clients

You can set all statistics within any time frame.

Notice: You can find the statistics for the current day of operation in the Wallboard section.

Tip: If you want to see more detailed chart data, move the cursor over to it. A toolbar appears where you can zoom in to a part of the chart, cut out, or remove unnecessary data

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