Apple Messages for Business

Introducing Apple Messages for Business. A new addition to the family of communication channels that operators can handle in a single mluvii interface.

Basic terminology

  • Message Service Provider (MSP) = mluvii
  • Messages for Business Account (Business) = mluvii customer using Apple Messages for Business


To set up an Apple Messages for Business account, you do not need the following prerequisites:

More useful resources

Registration process

Account registration

You can register for a new account through the Apple Business Register portal at You must have an Apple ID to register.

After accessing the Register portal, select to create a new Messages for Business Account

Setting up your Apple Messages for Business account

  • Familiarize yourself with and agree to the terms and conditions (proceed via Add new and then Get started)

  • Familiarizing yourself with the resources and documentation. Reconcile everything and continue

  • complete the Account Applicant form

  • select Commercial account

  • provide your company's contact persons

  • select the number of locations (physical business locations)

  • add a new Brand and complete the Brand information card detail

  • fill in Messaging Response Hours and the time zone in which you will be communicating

  • complete the Brand identity, i.e. upload the "square" logo of your brand in accordance with the Brand Guidelines

  • upload Wide logo and select colors (for light and dark mode) according to Messages header guidelines

  • under Messaging Service Provider Configuration select mluvii from the Messaging Platform list

  • Review the completed information and submit the account for approval. Approval from Apple usually takes 1 - 2 business days.

  • Once approved, take Apple's testing and Q&A

  • Go live

Setting up your brand profile within the Register portal

  • You can find Test Links and Business ID in the Links section of the approved Brand profile.

Connecting a Business account to mluvii

  • Make sure your company's Apple Messages channel is enabled in mluvii
  • Click Apple in the Channels section and create a new account
  • Once your Business account is approved, copy your Business ID and paste it into the Business ID field in mluvii (see step 4)
  • Set up routing for the channel
  • Read how to insert a Messages and Web button
  • Set up content formats (time picker, list picker, quick reply) in Forms

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