A chatbot can be simply defined as software capable of communicating with humans. It should be noted that it is primarily intended for clearance of simpler pre-defined types of requests (interactions), while operators can concentrate on handling more complex requirements, where close cooperation with the client is required.

Currently, the application supports the Microsoft Bot Framework platform, but in the future, we will try to further expand our support. The application also allows other NLP systems (f.e. LUIS or Watson) to be connected via Azure Bot Services.

The Microsoft Bot Framework also supports the display of Carousel cards from the Rich cards functionality. From the user's point of view, the carousel is a set of cards where you can insert any text and images and stack individual cards behind each other so that the customer can easily browse through them. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Azure Bot Service technical documentation.

We have taught Chatbot to show the vast majority of rich cards from the Microsoft Bot Framework. Newly, chatbot can astound your customers by sending and playing videos, gifs, audio files and interactive fields.

Chatbot is able to receive a file from the client or dynamically hide / show the option to upload a file depending on the chabot settings.

How to set up a chatbot and assign it to routing

The Chatbot Section is used to administer chatbots and connect them to the main application components (Groups, Routing, and Commands). For the successful integration of chatbot, it is necessary to enter the “Secret” (password), which you obtain from the supplier of a specific chatbot. You can verify the correctness of the password with the “Check” button.

Every chatbot must have a name and optionally have an image. Both data will appear when entering the chat room instead of the operator name.

Chatbot availability

To maximize the effectiveness of chatbots, you can adjust their availability rules. In the Opening Hours tab, you can set the availability of chatbots similarly to operator groups. If you don't set a limit, chatbot will be available to your clients all the time. Non-working day chatbots can also be customized in the Holidays tab.

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