Does your company have a Facebook page through which you communicate with clients? Then there is nothing easier than linking it and managing it directly from mluvii.

To link Facebook with mluvii in the user settings, you will go through the Settings -> Facebook section.

To integrate Facebook pages, you must:

  • have a role in mluvii with a minimum of authority for Tenant admin,

  • have access to manage the Facebook pages you want to link.

Adding a page

Start on the Facebook page of your company by clicking the Load Pages button. You will then be redirected to Facebook. Sign in to the profile and allow access to the mluvii application.

You will then be redirected to the mluvii interface again. Click the Connect button to confirm the connection. After adding the page there will be Facebook messages directed to the Default Widget your operators use.

Note: The feature of linking a Facebook page to mluvii is not part of the basic mluvii offer. If you do not see this section in your administrative environment and you are interested in activating it, please write to us at helpdesk@mluvii.com or contact us directly through chat on www.mluvii.com.

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