Feedback forms

You can access the Forms editor by going to Settings -> Main Channel -> Forms. Forms settings can be made by users with at least Tenant admin permission. After entering the section, you will see four types of forms; Entry, Feedback, Offline and GDPR form. Click the Copy icon to edit the basic layout of the selected form. But you can also make your own.

Creating a new form

To create a new form, click the Add button and select the form type. In the Create from box, you can copy an existing form of your company. Then name the form and click Create. A new panel will appear where you can choose whether to create the new form using the Editor or insert it via iframe. You can change the title of the form in the upper left corner and change its basic language setting in the opposite corner. You can also simply copy the form settings to another language version.

Tip: The form language in the chat is based on the language the client has set in the browser. In addition to the basic language (e.g. Czech), we recommend setting a foreign language, preferably English.

The model situation would then look like this: Your company has a form set in Czech and English. A client with a German browser localization will enter the chat, and because your form does not have a German version, the form will appear in English.


First, look at the forms Editor. Click the Add button and select one of the four types of fields you can use to make the form from

Form field types:


Classic text box supporting rich text format. You can change the size, style, and spacing, or add bullets and hyperlinks.


You can also choose one of for forms of session feedback. You can check the visualization of the selected rating in the chat preview on the right. You can choose from:

  • Thumbs

  • Stars

  • Emoticons

  • NPS

If you opt for the NPS (Net Promoter Score) option, the scale uses a scale of 0 - 10 instead of the standard scale of 1 - 5.


You can also insert client feedback fields into the feedback form. The size of the field can be adjusted by each user according to their needs by moving the lower right corner.


The last type of field you can insert into the feedback form is Transcript. This field allows the customer to send a text transcript of the conversation to them by e-mail. The client's e-mail address is automatically pre-filled if he has previously entered it in the chat entry form.


Do you want to use custom feedback forms in the mluvii chat? When creating a new form, click the Iframe tab and enter the URL of the custom form in the URL field.

How to assign a form to a widget

You have created a new form and it’s time to bring it to life. You can insert the form into chat at a widget level in the following way: Settings -> Widgets -> Chat -> Chat Forms where you select the feedback form by name and save your settings.

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