In this section you can see all the visitors who are on the page with your widget at the moment. In settings () you can choose which visitor data you want to track. For example, you can view:

  • the home page of the visitor,

  • type and language of the visitor’s browser,

  • how much time a visitor spent on the page,

  • status of visitor (on the page, waiting in the queue or already in a session).

Active addressing of visitors

You can directly reach visitors who are still browsing sites from the application. Just click on the visitor line and click on the “Invite” button in the top right corner. Then a table of operators available to connect with the visitor can be displayed. Afterward it is enough click on the group and assign the operator you want to connect to the visitor. Click the “Invite” button. The operator will see the visitor in his/her application and can initiate a chat with him/her.

Tip.1: By using filters () you can categorize your visitors in even more in detail. For example, you can see the visitors who were/are in a session and who came from one particular page. The combination is a whole range of course, just like the number of filters you set.

Tip 2: To delete all selected filters at once, it is enough to touch the icon ().

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