Chatbot connection

You can choose between two types of chatbots. The main differences are described in the following table:

Chatbot Sending a message Receiving a message Sending activities
Chatbot API API endpoint Custom webhook API endpoint
Microsoft Bot Framework Direct Line WebSocket Direct Line WebSocket ChannelData

Chatbot API

Chatbot API allows the connection of any chatbot. The connection is done by registering a webhook to which events are sent. Chatbot is added by inserting your webhook to sent events in the Settings/Chatbots section.

Microsoft Bot Framework

The connection is done using the Microsoft Direct Line API WebSocket. Chatbot is added by inserting a secret in the Settings/Chatbots section.

Supported activities

Most activities are common to both types of chatbots. Chatbot API differs only in the need to specify SessionId in the activity.

Tips and Tutorials

This section contains tutorials for specific scenarios that you may encounter during implementation.

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