Adding the widget to your website

On this page, you will learn how to insert the button directly into your website.

Embedding in Pages - General

You can find the Javascript code for inserting the Mluvii button in the administration interface. Sign in with your email and password on the page as an administrator. In the section “Settings - General Settings - Packagesyou will see HTML code for inserting a button on pages, which can be easily copied. You can also immediately check the package settings on the Test page or in the Preview directly in the administration.

Example of code for insertion:

<script type="text/javascript">
  (function () {
    var scr = document.createElement('script'); scr.type = 'text/javascript'; scr.async = true; scr.charset = 'UTF-8';
    scr.src = '//';
    scr.$owidgetOnLoad = function (owidget) {
      if (!owidget.isSupported) { return; }
      owidget.init('295b1064-cf5b-4a5d-9e05-e7a74f86ae5e', '5652Mluvii1654');
    var ffs = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; ffs.parentNode.insertBefore(scr, ffs);

This code must be pasted into the tag<head>or<body>elements of a website, e.g. between tags<head>and</ head>. The exact location of the code plays no role in the placement of the widget. The script is downloaded asynchronously.

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