First, sign in to your account and then click on “Structure” in the top bar. And then the “Block layout” item.

You will see the administration options for each block that your page consists of. Scroll completely down and on the “Footer fifth” item click on the “Place block”.

In the dialog box that appears, click on the “+ Add custom block” button to open a custom block editor. In Block description, choose any block description. In the “Body”section, choose in the “Text format” drop-down menu for “Full HTML” and click on the <> Source icon in the text editor to enable HTML code entry. Then, copy the package code from the website administration to the text field. Save changes.

Next,the next step will be displayed, in which the name of the created block will selected, and the unchecking of the “Display title” to prevent the name from appearing on the website. In the “Region” drop-down menu, for example, select “Footer fifth” and click “Save block”. In this step, you can also set up a specific sub-page of the website where the mluvii button is shown. In your case, it will be available from all subpages.

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