To insert a Mluvii application button into Wordpress pages it is necessary to paste the button code just before the final HTML tag </body> of those subpages where you want the button to be displayed.

If you want a button to be displayed on all of your website subpages, the easiest solution is to paste the button code into the Footer template that is used by all subpages.

In the Wordpress administration page, click the “Appearance” item in the left menu and then the “Editor” item - you will see a text editor for the active template code. Then select the file where you want to place the button code, e.g. Template Footer/footer.php in the right-hand menu of the template file preview.

In the text editor, scroll to the end of the file and before the tag </body> copy the mluvii from button code from the application administration of mluvii. Save the file. This button will appear on all of your website pages.

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