Chat lets you send text messages or emojis between the operator and the client. Through chat the client can also send the operator a file from his/her computer or mobile device. To use the chat features, use the icons next to the message box. By combining the # character and the template shortcut, you can simply paste the desired message directly into the chat. Learn more about setting shortcuts in the For administrators section.

If necessary, the operator can expand the chat window by dragging or tapping the button on the left edge of the chat window in the middle.

In addition to regular chat messages, there are also system messages for conversational status (e.g. when a video call is started).

Supported formatting options in chat

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Text Size x x x x
Bold x x x
Italics x x x
Underline x x x x
Numbering x x x x
Bullets x x x x
Line Break x x

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