Client tab

The client card contains detailed information about the current session.

Information about the client

In the Information about the Client section, the client’s name, phone, and email is displayed. These data may be changed by the operator at any time during a conversation.

Contact Directory

The Contact Directory is designed to help you keep track of your customers' information you received during conversations through one or more mluvii channels. The directory can be found in the left navigation of the operator interface and its controls will also be encountered by operators when having a session with client in the Client Information section.

In the case of a session with a client, the operator can add a contact to the Contact directory by clicking the Contact directory and Add contact buttons and then editing the client's credentials directly in the session.

If you find out during the session that this is a client with whom you have previously dealt with a request, you can search for the entry in the Contact Directory and link the contact information. Just click the Contact Directory button and choose Select Existing. You will then search the list of contacts and, in case of a match, connect the contacts by pressing the Select button.

In the Client Information section, you can use the "Add Data" button to manage your phone number, email address, or personally identifiable information about that customer. This is possible even if the customer already has this information.

By clicking the Options button, the operator can then unassign the contact from the Contact Directory, Remove from the Contact Directory, or Open the Contact Directory.


It is possible to add tags to sessions for more seamless work with sessions. You can add new tags (add a tag to the text box and press enter), previously used tags within the company (from the dropdown menu of the text box), or tags previously used by the operator (displayed below the text box with dotted borders and the + button). Selected tags can be also added automatically. It is only a matter of tag settings.

The added tags appear below the text field (gray background with the X button to remove the tag).

Assigned tags are displayed in administration in the session list. Sessions can be filtered according to the associated tags as well as other variables.

Call parameters

The call parameters contain the variables linked to the session. In addition to pre-set parameters, the app also allows you to display custom parameteres. You can also use the variable editing feature, either during or after a session.

Notes of operators

The notes of the operator are used to send comments to operators when the client is diverted to another group/other operator. The operator who accepts the redirected client will see the above remarks in this section.

Favorite templates

Favorite templates include a list of preset messages that the operator has tagged as favorite on the Templates tab. Provide the operator with quick access to frequently used preset messages.

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