End a chat/call

Blocking (blacklist) a client

An operator may block the client in an active chat, and the client will loose the possibility to make further chats. It is only necessary to state the reason for the blocking.

Blacklisted clients can be managed in the Blacklist section of the administration.

It is also possible to block clients using different communication channel than chat (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, VK, telephone).

If it is not desirable to allow operators to ban clients, this can be disabled in company settings.


The client can be redirected to another group of operators or a particular operator, both in the preview before the client is accepted and at any time during the active session.

After clicking the "Redirect button" in the top bar, a table with operator groups that have at least one logged-in operator is displayed. Each group displays information about the number of online, busy and away operators. There is also information about count of waiting clients in queue on operators and group level.

The group can be marked for redirection as a whole or, click to select a particular operator. Next to this table it is possible to specify the session notes for another operator, which will be displayed on the Client tab in the Operator notes section with the new operator.

End a chat/call

You can end a chat/call by pressing the “End” button in the top panel. After confirmation, the operator enters session feedback and eventually sends a conversation transcript to the client. Time to pick a session result and a session note can be restricted in the administration on a group level settings.

The client will see the feedback form if it is set up in the appropriate widget.

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