IP Telephony

Without voice services, the omnichannel would not be complete. Therefore, you can operate the VOIP technology easily in a similar manner as the chat or e-mail communication in the user interface. The IP telephony serves within mluvii for handling incoming and outgoing calls, and we still keep working on its expansion and improvements.

The incoming and outgoing calls may be found in the operator section. The function is displayed by an image of a handset which changes its color from green to gray based on the availability of the channel.

The IP telephony is one of the functionalities which may be switched off, and if you are interested in using it, it is thus necessary to contact your business representative or to send us an email to helpdesk@mluvii.com with your request for activation.

Incoming call

An incoming call is displayed to the operator in a unified line next to the side panel with the menu. This call shall be accepted by the operator in the same manner as an incoming chat by clicking the button “accept” which shall be displayed after the operator uses the mouse to move over the incoming call. The incoming call is marked by an image of a phone handset.

Call forwarding

Just as with any other channels, an incoming call may be forwarded to another operator. The forwarding may be performed by clicking the button “forward” in the upper right corner of the operator console. The forwarding may be performed towards a single operator or to an entire group. As part of the forwarding, it is also possible to add a note for the target operator for the purposes of that operator being aware of the reason for the call being forwarded.

Outgoing call

An outgoing call is initiate by an operator by clicking the button of a telephone on the upper panel of the operator’s console. Thereupon, a panel with a numbered dial shall appear in the middle of the screen to which the operator shall insert the phone number and then dial the number by clicking a green button under the dial.

In the middle of the dialing, it is possible to turn on/off the voice notification (in the left corner of the dial) which indicates the call is ringing. The panel with the numbered dial may be closed by the esc button in the upper right corner.

Phone calls

During the phone call, the operator may use the Contact Directory and to connect the call with an existing record in the Contact Directory or to create a new one. Furthermore, the operator may access the History tab in which the operator shall be able to find all the previous events for the given record in the Contact Directory, and therefore the operator may see which requests of the given customer were handled by the operator’s colleagues in the past.

Similarly as with the chat communication, tags, parameters and session results may be used for a better classification of the session. Also, the call may be forwarded to another operator or a group of operators, or the caller may be blocked (ban).

Unlike with text communication, where you can operate more sessions at once, it is only possible to operate only 1 phone call (whether the call is incoming or outgoing makes no difference). A phone call is considered to be an exclusive session, similarly as, for example, an invitation or a videocall.

In order that the operator may operate phone calls, he must have received an authorization for the Telephone channel from the company administrator in mluvii. Besides this authorization, it is necessary to establish a phone line in the telephone exchange of the customer.

Note: The readiness for making a call (an incoming or outgoing) is indicated by a green-colored handset on the upper panel of the operator console. If your handset is gray, you are unable to initiate or accept any call.

It is not necessary to use a software telephone (the so-called softphone) of third parties, since mluvii uses the WebRTC technology for the transportation of voice which is implemented in the majority of internet browsers. You shall find the instructions for setting up a phone line in mluvii in the section for administrators.

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