The Share tab allows you to share files, videos, operator screen, client screen, operator screen screenshot, and client file sharing.

These features are available at the top of the Share tab.

The range of supported file formats may be limited according to the settings in the mluvii administration. This limitation affects the ability to share and send files to chat (applies to both client and operator).

If you are interested in this option, please feel free to contact mluvii technical support.

File sharing


When you click Share, the file sharing options appear. On the left side of the tab is a list of files already uploaded in the application (either by direct upload as described below or via the admin interface). This list can also be searched.

In the right part of the tab, it is possible to upload a file from the operator's computer to the application and also add a link to a video which, like the file, can be shared with the client. Once uploaded, the file or link will appear in the session files.

Clicking on one of the items in the list will display a preview of the file or its icon. You can send the file/video to chat or start sharing it. If the file is a document, excel spreadsheet, etc., it must first be converted to an image to share.

In Share mode, both the operator and the client can see the image. The application allows you to:

  • zoom,
  • rotate,
  • draw into the image (both the operator and the client can do this - the drawn patterns are shown in a different color) and
  • send the image to chat without or with drawings (camera icon).

The client has the option to expand the file sharing area by clicking on the side button "Hide/Show". Depending on this, the chat window is hidden or shown on the client side.


In the case of video sharing, the operator and client see the video synchronously. If the operator pauses or rewinds the video, the changes are reflected in real time to the client. The client can pause the video but not rewind it.

Multiple files can also be shared at once (+ icon in the bottom right of the tab).

Operator screen sharing

To click on the My Screen button, a new dialog box appears with the option to choose whether the operator wants to share the entire screen or a specific application window.

Once confirmed, the client will see the operator's screen or application window in real time.

Client screen sharing

When the operator clicks on the Client Screen item, the client is presented with the Client Screen Sharing dialog box, where the client can select a screen or a specific application window to share.

Sharing a screenshot of the operator's screen

The operator can share a current screenshot of his screen or a specific application window with the client. The sharing options are the same as for file sharing (zoom, send to chat, draw).

Sharing client files

The operator can prompt the client to share files. The client will then be presented with a new dialog box with file upload options. The application allows the client to upload the file directly from their computer or mobile phone via a QR reader or shortened URL.

Once the file is uploaded, the file is shared similarly to the operator and saved to the operator's file list. The operator also has the option to download the file to his PC disk.

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