The Share tab allows the sharing of files, operator screens, client screens, a screenshot of the operator’s screen and the sharing of client files

These features are available at the top of the Share tab.

The possibility to share a file and its selection from Files in mluvii or from an operator's/client's device can be restricted on company level settings. If you want to restrict acceptable file types, please don't hesitate to contact mluvii support.

File sharing


When you click on the Share item, the file sharing options appear. On the left of the tab, you can upload a file from the operator’s computer to an application and add a link to a video which, like a file, can be shared with the client. After uploading, the file or link appears in the session files.

The right part of the tab lists the files you have already uploaded in the application (either by direct uploading above or through the administration interface). You can search in this list.

After clicking on one of the list items the file or its icon will be previewed. You can send a video/file to a chat or start sharing it. If the file is a document, Excel spreadsheet, etc., it is necessary to convert it into an image first.

Both the operator and the client see the image in the Share mode. The application allows the image to be zoomed in on, rotated, drawn upon (both the operator and the client - drawn shapes are displayed in a different color) and possibly send the picture to chat without drawings (camera icon). The operator has an option to download a shared file from a client to his computer.

A client has an option to extend the space for shared documents if he clicks on "Show/Hide" side button.

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