The profile section, which can be found in the top right corner of the screen, is used on a daily basis, including when you want to change your status from Online to Away and vice versa. The current status of the operator is displayed without having to enter the section. You can also use it to set your login credentials or reset your password.

The name of the logged-in operator and the status he is currently in is shown next to the icon. Either the operator is in the Online state or the Away state. The Away state can be accompanied by one of the available reasons for absence (pause type). Only the Company administrator is allowed to set the Away reasons

By clicking on the Profile section on top right corner, the operator has the option to check:

  • how much time was spent within each type of break,
  • he is able to distinguish in the menu which pause is paid and which is not.
  • At the same time, he can see how much time is left until the time allocation for a particular pause is exhausted (green underline),
  • how much he has exceeded this time (red underline)

The pause for which the time allocation has been exhausted is disabled and its possible manual setting is only possible for the administrator in the Operators section. The operator is alerted any automatic change of the pause type (after the time allocation has been exhausted) by a notification that appears on the right side of the screen.

Profile Settings

To edit your user account (profile) settings, click on the Settings icon (gear) in the side menu and then click on the subsection "My Profile".

The profile settings are divided into two sections. The first one "Edit Profile" will open automatically and you can edit your basic and login information or change your password.

In case the operator is active in more than one tenant, the second part "Tenant" will be displayed, where he can always set a nickname, position and possibly a photo for the tenant, which clients will see during the conversation instead of the company logo.

If an operator handles e-mails he can also set his e-mail signature here.

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