Browser support

Here is a list of support for each of the mluvii application individual features when the customer enters from different web browsers. The operator always connects through Google Chrome.

Windows operating system

Browser Supported
Edge *

Other operating systems and devices

AV inputs on Apple mobile devices are supported from iOS 12 version and higher.

Function MacOS Safari MacOS Chrome iOS Safari iOS Chrome Android Chrome Android UC Browser
Chat (Operator and Client)
Sending files in chat (Operator)
Sending files in chat (Client)
Co-browsing (Operator) x x x x
Screen Sharing (Operator) x x x x
Desktop sharing (Client) x x x x
Desktop File Sharing (Operator) x x x x
Desktop File Sharing + QR Code (Client) x x x x
Screenshot (Operator)
Audio/ Video chat (Operator) x
Audio/Video Chat (Client) x x
Video Call (Operator) x
Video Call (Customer) x x
Draw in Browser (Operator) x x x x
Call Transfer (Operator)
Saving and reading cookies despite the browser prohibition x x x x x
Hero Cards
Client Chat History ✔** ✔** ✔**

* From version 79 and higher, that uses the Chromium core.

** Functionality is provided only if the client turns off the default Safari setting "Do not track across pages"

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