Release 2.91

Deployed on: 4. 5. 2022

Mluvii News

1) A/V call recordings that won't get lost in the world

Audio and video recordings in mluvii have seen a significant shift. We have worked intensively on their stabilization and monitoring options for proper storage. In addition, you now have the option to decide whether you want to save combined or separated recordings based on the contents of the operator, client and shared desktop screens. This setting is configurable at the tenant level and you can request to modify it on our helpdesk.

2) Missed call data can be found in the API

We continue to extend public API mluvii to make it easier for you to access custom views of call center operations. The latest addition is an extension that allows you to get a complete call history from mluvii, including missed calls. You can easily see how long clients waited in line before hanging up the phone, or what options they pressed in the IVR.

3) Webchat transcripts are sent with attachments

Clients who have requested a transcript of a webchat session to be sent to their email address will now receive a recording of the conversation including the attached files in their original size.** This feature will be disabled if you have enabled deletion of files after the session in your tenant settings. If you're not sure, check the Applications section and check the general settings.

4) We've improved the states of the users you want to redirect sessions to

When a session is redirected to an operator or group of operators, you will get reliable information about their status and whether they can accept the session immediately or after the end of their own session. This allows operators to better work with the waiting client before they redirect them.

Minor changes in the application:

  • You can also blacklist bad clients from offline channels

  • Usability of system callparameters can be edited

  • Video from client in session transcript can already be played

  • The preview of an image sent via hyperlink will already be visible in its entirety

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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