Deployed on 12. 6. 2024

Mluvii News

🌟 Individual message on WhatsApp 🌟

Now you can initiate communication directly from the operator interface and do not have to wait for contact from the client. Right next to the invitation, press the new button with the "+" sign and select the channel in which you want to start the new session.

🌟 Logout after inactivity 🌟

Finally! If your operator has gone on a break and hasn't logged out, mluvii will do it for you. You set this feature in your company's general settings. You can choose the idle time and disconnect in case of a screen lock. An operator who has gone on pause no longer draws a mluvii license.

🌟 Session notes in the client's history🌟

Your operators who look up information in the client history will now also find the notes that operators record for the session that ended in the history. Until now, it was necessary to view the session details outside the history. This is now eliminated and operators have everything at their fingertips.

🌟 Phone recordings 🌟

Phone call recording is now simply turned on in the tenant/app / general settings. This will take effect immediately from the next phone call with the client.

πŸ›  Minor but Significant Adjustments πŸ› 

  • Profile: You can access your user profile again by clicking on your status on the top right.

  • Settings: we fixed saving rules in group settings

  • Banned Clients: Dialing phone calls responds in real-time to if a client is banned or freshly banned.

Thank you for your feedback which helps us to continuously improve the mluvii :)

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