Company management

In the Company management section, you manage sections that are common to all of the company’s tenants.

Logout when idling

The settings can be found on the "General" tab. When activated, you set basic settings (length in minutes and the option to apply the disconnect even if the screen is locked).

This setting is particularly useful if a limited number of operators share a limited number of licenses and you need to prevent inactive operators from unnecessarily using up operator licenses.

Once you activate the feature, users with Operator permissions will be asked to grant "Your device use" permission.

For proper functioning, it is necessary to deactivate any AdBlocks!

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication helps protect your business data. Each user must take two steps to log in to the app when enabled. The user logs into mluvii, then a verification code is sent to their e-mail to complete the login. This code is a one-time code and is valid for 5 minutes.

The function settings are made at the company level and can only be performed by the Company administrator.

If you are interested in enabling Two-Factor Authentication, contact your sales representative or contact us via the chat on our website.

Login Password Requirements

To further protect your company access, you can set conditions at the Company level that your app login passwords must meet. You can set specific criteria for password length, characters contained, or password change rules in your company's General setup. Only users with company administrator rights can change password security settings.

Data Security

To ensure a higher level of security, you can limit the set of accepted files to selected types only. More information can be found here.

You also have the option to set the time after which the customer data in the mluvii (a relation of a session and a client identity) will be automatically anonymized.

Synchronize and manage user access to mluvii by using LDAP

If you choose to utilize your own corporate Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory for mluvii, you will be able to regulate user access and rights into mluvii as you would with other in-house applications and systems.

From that moment on, it will not be possible to add new users and set their permissions in the standard way in a mluvii users section, but exclusively in the LDAP directory. Exceptions are permissions to access individual communication channels for operators.

If you are interested in this setting, contact your sales representative or contact us via the chat on our website.

Operators Permissions

Here you can enable/disable operators for some operations. For example, you prevent them from turning channels on/off.

Away Reasons

This section is used to define and set the away reasons, including, for example, time allowance. Furthermore, in addition to the name, the color of the display in the mluvii environment and whether the pause is paid or unpaid, it is also possible to select the reason for absence, to which the operator switches automatically after depleting the allocated time allowance for the previous away reason.

If the company administrator requires that a specific reason for absence be available only to supervisors (operators haven't this reason for absence available in the menu), just check the "Disable for operators" option.

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