Campaign Contacts

The contacts contained in a campaign can take on different states during the campaign. Within a Telephone campaign, you can encounter the following states:

StateState DescriptionNotes


After Call Work

The call has ended and the operator has the option to fill in the details of the call (just like a normal Session).

Awaiting for free operator

No operator is available at the moment.

The system waits for a free operator (based on the set routing).


Before Call Work

An operator has a time to prepare for the campaign call. The call is initiated once the countdown stops. An operator has a chance to initiate it by clicking on the "Call" button even before the countdown runs down.


A contact is on the Blacklist

If necessary, an administrator has a chance to remove a contact in the Blacklist section.

Call in progress

Ongoing campaing call

The next state is the Success.


A call is initiated and the system waits for a client response.

Responses can be like:

  • Answered,

  • Rejected,

  • Unreachable.

Canceled by admin

Campaign has been ended and no more contacts will be called.

It can be done by administrator or by using Public API.

Canceled by client

A client cancles a campaign call initiated by the system.

The state is valid for the Predictive campaign solely. The call is answered by a client and is canceled before an operator connects.

Dial failed

It was not possible to initiate a call.

Basically, it's caused by difficulties related to operators workstations, PBX or system itself.


Contact is on the list and it's ready for calling


Invalid record

A telephone number contains letters or other special characters.

It could mean a blank phone number.

Operator assigned

A contact has been assigned to the operator and is awaiting acceptance by the operator.

An operator can decide not to accept the session at the moment when it appears in the operator console.

Rejected by operator

Dialing has been canceled by operator.

This status is solely available for Preview mode campaigns.


A contact has been deleted.

It can be done by administrator or by using Public API.

Retry scheduled

A call hasn't been connected on the first attempt and next one is scheduled.

Response can be:

  • Rejected,

  • Unreachable.


A client has been contacted.


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