Missed Calls

It often happens that the calling client does not get through to the operator and it is desirable for companies to contact the client later.

We can say that there are 2 situations:

  • a client ends the call while waiting in the queue for the operator

  • a client ends the call before being transferred to the operator in the voice tree (IVR)


We recommend that missed calls be handled as part of "infinite campaigns", i.e. campaigns with a goal of "None". For more information on campaigns and their settings, click here.

For a long-term campaign designed to retrieve missed calls, the Add Contact to Campaign action must be used (see the Campaign Rules subsection for more details).

If you want to add contacts to the campaign that ended up in the IVR tree (before switching to the operator), you must ensure that the IVR tree allows this!

For the smooth functioning of the campaign, it is necessary that there are no duplicates in the Contact Directory (x records with the same phone number). If this happens, the contact will not be added to the campaign!!!

Avoid adding contacts using a .CSV file for a missed call dialing campaign!! In this case, duplicate records will be created, and thus none of the duplicate records will ever be added to the campaign!

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