The Operators section is crucial for monitoring the current call centre operation. On this page you can see an overview of all operators that are currently logged in. Similarly, you also have an overview of the state of logged-in operator groups. For better clarity, it is possible to filter a specific operator group or display/hide selected columns.

Detailed information about operators

For each operator, in addition to its status (Online, Offline), the following are tracked:

  • Operator occupation (Fully occupied, In call),

  • Operator status (Online, Away including an away reason). For each status, the length of time spent in this status is indicated,

  • The number of accepted and waiting sessions for the given live channel (chat, telephone),

  • The total number of slots available for live channels,

  • The number of accepted and pending sessions for a specific Offline channel (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, VK),

  • Total number of slots available for Offline channels,

  • Number of accepted and pending emails,

  • Number of slots available for emails.

In addition, aggregate data are recorded at the level of each group, which are more indicative of the utilisation of the group as a whole.

If a group is overloaded (its operators have all available slots occupied), the value in the columns (Live Slots, Offline Slots or Email Slots) is displayed in red and the number of sessions or emails waiting in the queue is also displayed next to it.

Call center management options

The supervisor has the following options to manage call center operations:

  • By clicking on the column of a given channel, a toggle switch will be displayed to enable/disable the specific channel on operator level

  • When an operator has a currently accepted or waiting session, the supervisor can look at the detail and monitor its progress.

  • By clicking on the name, it is possible to go to the users section where the operator's profile can be managed.

  • The supervisor also has the option to change the operator's status from Online to Away, or to select a specific away reason from the list.

From away reasons menu it can be seen whether the away reason is paid or not. It is also possible to view the status of the allocated time. In addition, the supervisor has the possibility from his position to switch the operator to a pause whose time allocation within 24 hours has already been fully exhausted.

If you see in the list an operator who should not be logged in, you can log him out.

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