Apple Messages for Business

Introducing Apple Messages for Business. A new addition to the family of communication channels that operators can handle in a single mluvii interface.

Basic terminology

  • Message Service Provider (MSP) = mluvii

  • Messages for Business Account (Business) = mluvii customer using Apple Messages for Business


To set up an Apple Messages for Business account, you do not need the following prerequisites:

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Registration process

Account registration

You can register for a new account through the Apple Business Register portal at You must have an Apple ID to register.

After accessing the Register portal, select to create a new Messages for Business Account

Setting up your Apple Messages for Business account

  • Familiarize yourself with and agree to the terms and conditions (proceed via Add new and then Get started)

  • Familiarizing yourself with the resources and documentation. Reconcile everything and continue

  • complete the Account Applicant form

  • select Commercial account

  • provide your company's contact persons

  • select the number of locations (physical business locations)

  • add a new Brand and complete the Brand information card detail

  • fill in Messaging Response Hours and the time zone in which you will be communicating

  • complete the Brand identity, i.e. upload the "square" logo of your brand in accordance with the Brand Guidelines

  • upload Wide logo and select colors (for light and dark mode) according to Messages header guidelines

  • under Messaging Service Provider Configuration select mluvii from the Messaging Platform list

  • Review the completed information and submit the account for approval. Approval from Apple usually takes 1 - 2 business days.

  • Once approved, take Apple's testing and Q&A

Setting up your brand profile within the Register portal

  • You can find Test Links and Business ID in the Links section of the approved Brand profile.

Connecting a Business account to mluvii

  • Make sure your company's Apple Messages channel is enabled in mluvii.

  • After your Business account is approved, the connected Apple account (for a specific brand) will appear in the mluvii (Apple item in the menu).

  • Set up routing for the channel.

  • Read how to insert Apple Messages for Business widget on your website.

As part of the approval process, it is necessary to document specific Use Cases, which regularly include sending URL links from the operator to the client. For Apple's visual display of URL links to pass must ensure that the site uses Twitter Cards in the site header see:

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