Data security and GDPR

Client chat is a messaging service that allows users to communicate with businesses through the Messages application. Only the user can start the conversation, and the company will receive their anonymous identifier. It does not have access to information about the user’s phone number, e-mail address or iCloud account. When a user chats with Apple, Apple receives the client chat ID associated with the user’s Apple ID. The user has constant control over the continuation or termination of communication. Any conversation the user deletes from the client chat is removed from their Messages application, and the company can no longer send them more messages.

Messages sent to the company are individually encrypted between the user’s device and Apple’s messaging servers. On these servers, the messages are decrypted and forwarded to the appropriate company via the TLS channel. The company sends its responses – again via the TLS channel – to Apple’s messaging servers, which re-encrypt them and send them to the user’s device.

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