A blacklist is a list of all annoying clients who were banned by operators or supervisors. In this section, you can view all clients that have been banned in the past. Alternatively, you can remove a client from the blacklist by deactivating his ban.

There are three ways how to ban a client:

  • either the client is banned by the operator via the session detail in the Sessions,

  • directly in the Operator's interface during the ongoing session,

  • or the administrator can enter a specific number within the Blacklist section via the "Add" button in the upper right corner. Here he enters the reason and the client with this number can no longer reconnect to the operator within the given channel within the tenant.

"Ban" functionality is supported for these channels:

  • WebChat,

  • E-mail,

  • IP telephony,

  • WhatsApp,

  • Apple Messages for Business,

  • Facebook Messenger,

  • Vkontakte.

If you don't want to provide your operators with the option to ban your clients, you have an option to disable it in settings at the tenant level.

If you deactivate some client's ban, it disappears from the list, It's caused by default filter settings. If you want to see all clients who have been banned in history, just click on the filter icon and pick both fields "Active" and "Inactive". Your selection needs to be confirmed by "Apply" button.

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