Facebook Messenger

Does your company have a Facebook page through which you communicate with clients? Then there is nothing easier than linking it and managing it directly from mluvii.

To link Facebook with mluvii in the user settings, you will go through the Settings -> Facebook section.

To integrate Facebook pages, you must:

  • have a role in mluvii with a minimum of authority for Tenant admin,

  • have access to manage the Facebook pages you want to link.

Adding a page

Start on the Facebook page of your company by clicking the Load Pages button. You will then be redirected to Facebook. Sign in to the profile and allow access to the mluvii application.

You will then be redirected to the mluvii interface again. Click the Connect button to confirm the connection. After adding the page there will be Facebook messages directed to the Default Widget your operators use.

Required permissions at the FB page level

  • Manage and access Page conversations on Messenger

  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page

Automatic termination of Facebook Messenger sessions in mluvii

In accordance with Facebook's existing policy, pending Facebook Messenger sessions are automatically terminated if not received by the operator within a fixed 24-hour period.

Together with the end of the session, an informational message is sent to the client on Facebook Messenger, see below:

{"en", "We're sorry, but your request was automatically closed due to exceeding the 24-hour response time set by WhatsApp and Facebook. If your question is still up to date, please contact us again. Thank you."},

{"cs", "Omlouváme se, ale váš požadavek byl automaticky uzavřen z důvodu překročení 24 hodinové lhůty na odpověď stanovené službou WhatsApp a Facebook. Pokud je váš dotaz stále aktuální, kontaktujte nás prosím znovu. Děkujeme za pochopení."},

{"ru", "Нам очень жаль, но Ваш запрос был автоматически отклонен из-за того, что превысил время ожидания ответа в 24 часа, который установили WhatsApp и Facebook. Если Ваш вопрос актуален, пожалуйста, напишите нам снова. Благодарим за понимание."},

{"kk", "Өкінішке орай, WhatsApp және Facebook желілерінде қойылған шектеулерге байланысты 24 сағат өткеннен кейін Сіздің сұрауыңыз автоматты түрде жабылды. Сұрағыңызды бізге қайта жолдауыңызды өтінеміз. Рақмет."}

In the case of an on-premise solution, Facebook application must be created first before connecting the FB page.

The feature of linking a Facebook page to mluvii is not part of the basic mluvii offer. If you do not see this section in your administrative environment and you are interested in activating it, contact your sales representative or use chat on our website.

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