IP Telephony

IP telephony belongs to the switch-off mluvii features. If you cannot see this section in your administration environment and you are interested in its activation, please, contact your sales representative or use chat on our website.

Channel Configuration

The setting of the line is carried out in the Settings where you select the Phone Configuration tab. First, you have to pick and set a required routing which will be used for phone calls.

Here you also have the option to activate call recording. The recordings are kept for a limited time, see Files.

The remaining setting will be made on the side of mluvii only (use of the shared telephone exchange) or in cooperation with the customer’s representative (use of own PBX).

Shared PBX (provided by mluvii)

There is no need to set up anything else. The settings are preset.

Custom PBX

After routing, it is necessary to connect the existing phone gateway by its ID and a secret key (provided by mluvii). At the end, you need to set the name of the context under which existing phone lines (default context) are registered in the telephone exchange (PBX). Apart from the default context, the WebRTC context is also set (it can be identical to the default context), and error context is typically used for informing a client if the call cannot be connected (defined messages are played).

Phone line configuration

Configuration of the phone line for a given operator takes also place in part Telephone in the scope of the Setting section. You will choose a particular operator from the list of available users and then choose whether the given phone line is of the WebRTC type (uses this technology supported by most of Internet browsers), or the line is configured externally.

In such case, you will have to have a software phone (softphone) which will have to be used by the operator. Enter the name of the existing phone line and the Context of the telephone exchange in the remaining fields.

To configure the phone line a user has to have authorization to the telephone channel.

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