Routing visualization

The routing visualization is used to give us a clear view of the routing of all sessions and emails for communications that took place in the past, as well as those that are taking place now.

We can select the desired period in the top right corner, where we can also filter which channels, operators, groups or chatbots we want to display in the visualization. The time period or the live routing preview option can then be selected at the bottom of the visualization section.

In the top left corner of the page, we can click on the legend, which makes it easier to distinguish the different elements of the routing visualization (whether it is group members, assigned routing or whether it is a phone call or a session on WhatsApp, Apple, etc.).

Also worth mentioning is the ability to immediately see an overloaded group (i.e. a group that has no available slots, all operators are Away, etc.).

The overloaded group is displayed in red (as shown in the legend). Below the legend, you can click on statistics, which allows you to immediately see the status of operators, sessions or emails.

Pending (not yet assigned) sessions and emails are displayed inside the visualization circle. When you click on an item, the arrows show which operators and groups the sessions and emails are routed to. The received session or email is then displayed directly at the operator.

The routing visualization is a switchable feature of mluvii. If you don't see the section and would like to use the routing visualization, please contact your mluvii sales representative or contact us via the chat on our website.

By right-clicking on individual operators, groups or sessions you can set whether they should be hidden in the view, you can edit them or get to the session/email details immediately.

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