Let us introduce you to WhatsApp. A communication application that is actively used by over 1.5 billion people worldwide, including your customers.

From a unified queue, you can handle your customers' requests just as easily as they do with chat, email, or Facebook Messenger.

Before connecting a phone number to mluvii, it is necessary to go through the registration process.

Connecting a registered telephone number

Among the communication channels in mluvii, you will find WhatsApp.

  • Click the New button here,

  • You are then redirected to the 360Dialog portal, where you log in with the account you created earlier,

  • Next, select a specific registered phone number and confirm your selection.

Only the company administrator can connect previously registered phone number.

Each registered WA phone number has a limit of 25 messages sent per second. If you exceed this limit, the phone number will be disconnected and you must contact us via the helpdesk!


Set up routing at the phone number level and start handling requests from your clients.

Additional account information (Address, company web description, and logo) is uploaded automatically from the 360Dialog portal.

The "Synchronize Forms" button is used to download newly created or edited WhatsApp templates (Template Messages).

Without this synchronization, operators cannot use recently created or updated templates!

On the Billing tab, you can download a summary of all WhatsApp messages sent for the selected month. Messages sent over the limit (1000) are charged additionally.

The mentioned limit is valid regardless of the number of registered numbers.


If you are using WhatsApp campaigns, you will also see an item "Limit of campaign messages per day" where you can specify how many WhatsApp messages from the daily limit will be used for the campaign.

The status of the phone number determines the size of the daily limit, the quality rating, and how often the company initiates communication with unique customers. Detailed information can be found here.

It also shows the current number of messages sent within the current daily message limit. For example, you will see here that the ongoing campaign has stopped due to the limit being exhausted. It's also displayed on the campaign level ("limit hit").

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