Registration process

For your company to communicate with your customers via WhatsApp via mluvii, you first need to set up a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). A WABA account is tied to a specific phone number and when you set it up, you can customize its name, logo, or other details that will be displayed to customers on your WhatsApp profile. To apply for a WABA account, you will need to add a few other details.

To activate your account you need:

  • a verified Meta Business Manager account (an unverified account results in a decrease in the maximum count of Template Messages that can be sent),

  • a Meta Business Manager administrator account, and

You can create a new Facebook Business Account or add the phone number to an existing account see the "Embedded Signup Process" described below.

1. User account for the 360Dialog portal

In the settings section, go to the "Settings" section to open the WhatsApp subsection

  • Here, click on the "New" button in the top right corner,

  • in the newly opened window, click on "Create a new account" (or log in with an existing account)

  • a registration email is delivered to the email address you entered, which you need to confirm

2. Completing the I + Meta Business Manager profile

Next, you log in to your Facebook account, which you use to manage Meta Business Manager.

To continue, you must be the administrator of the company instance of Meta Business Manager!

  • You select an existing Meta Business Manager instance or a new one that you create,

  • enter the official company name,

  • enter the company website, and any other information missing from Meta Business Account.

3. Filling in the company profile II

Enter the official company name again,

the industry category in which you operate,

a brief description of the company,

4. Phone number selection + verification method

select a registered phone number,

select the verification method of the registered phone number (SMS, phone call),

If possible, we recommend selecting verification by SMS.

If you are forced to select verification by phone call, since the target telephone number is behind the IVR option, it is recommended to deactivate the existing IVR tree during the registration process.

The registered phone number must not be used within the mobile application WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp.

  • On the following screen, enter the 6-digit code and click "Verify" here, at this point, your phone number is successfully registered and you are redirected to the 360Dialog portal where you can manage your phone number, create custom Template Messages, etc.

  • Immediately afterward, a verification code is sent to the previously selected phone number (an SMS message arrives, or an automated machine calls and starts dictating the code).

WhatsApp Commerce Policy review

WhatsApp will review your WhatsApp account to ensure that it complies with WhatsApp's business policies. Be sure to read the policy carefully to make sure you comply with the rules of the store. This review will take place in the background after the account is already live.

If the account is not approved, it is automatically blocked!

Once the account is approved, it is possible through the account:

  • communicate with an unlimited number of clients within a 24-hour window (client-initiated conversations)

  • initiate the communication with up to 50 unique customers within 24 hours

  • and register up to 2 phone numbers, which can be assigned to 1 WABA account

How to remove restrictions on registered numbers?

The company must go through the so-called Business Verification process if:

  • needs to increase the number of actively started conversations (e.g. using Template Messages)

  • wants to register 3rd and next phone number is interested in becoming an "Official Business Account"

  • is interested in getting the "Official Business Account" status

If a company chooses to go through the aforementioned "Business Verification" process, great consideration is also given to the so-called "Display Name", where Meta reserves the right to reject proposed names even for minor details.

Approval of the name to be displayed to clients (Display Name)

Meta reserves the right to verify that a given phone number will not be used to promote or sell certain products or be used to support illegal conduct.

The requirements that the selected "Display Name" must meet can be found here.

Meta has 24-48 hours to assess compliance with the conditions.

Your registered phone number starts to be charged as soon as you complete step 2 (successful phone number registration), once the WhatsApp API Client is set up. That is, even before the API key is generated.

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