Connect Office 365 mailbox

This manual is valid as of 5/18/2022.

All information is available on the Microsoft website. Below we have written the minimum procedure that is required to successfully connect your mailbox.

Connecting a Microsoft application in the mluvii environment


  • Tenant permissions in mluvii

  • An existing user with access to the given mailbox. This user has all rights to the mailbox (it is used to log in to the mailbox via OAuth)

The user has to have access at least to "IMAP" and "Authenticated SMTP" options. In order to check it, click on the "Manage email apps" item in the particular user account detail.

Don't forget to enable the ability to send emails as another user ("SendAs") for the user account used for MS Identity purposes!

Settings in mluvii

As a tenant (and higher) administrator, go to tenant settings (Settings -> Applications -> Microsoft identity) and click the Add button.

When you create a new identity, you will be redirected to a Microsoft page where you need to log into Microsoft Azure (use the user account with full mailbox permissions) and agree to the settings that mluvii requires to properly receive and send an email.

Connecting a mailbox established identity

When connecting email in mluvii, select Office 365 to see a list of available Microsoft Identities.

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