The browse tab allows the operator to capture a screenshot of the site the client is currently on. The operator can then handle the image in a similar manner to sharing documents. The client sees everything in his browser in real-time. The screenshot of the client’s website can be restored at any time.

The functionality only provides indicative information about the page the client is on. The specific web pages have a major influence on its functionality. If the functionality is crucial for you, we recommend using co-browsing below.


This feature allows you to access the client’s user page in real-time, and you will be able to control the page to a certain extent. Both the client and the operator will still be able to work independently and each will have their own cursor.

Co-browsing can be found in the “Browser” tab. The window will then appear to the client, with an invitation to share.

As the operator you will be able to:

  • scroll the page,

  • fill in the text boxes,

  • copy, paste, and cut the selected text,

  • draw on the client page or

  • insert items into a shopping cart.

The Co-browsing function can only be used in the case of WebChat sessions (in the case of Invitation, the client does not enter the session via the web).

Do not touch me feature

By inserting a short line of code it is possible to disable access to the operator for a certain area of the site. In practice, this security measure may appear like a button or text field. As a result, the client can always control sensitive data and the operator will not be able to delete or copy such data.

You can find precise instructions on how to implement this feature here.

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