Hero Cards

In the operator interface, you can use the so-called Hero Cards to communicate with a client. Once you have started a client session, you can start using these interactive forms. You can find them in the top toolbar for client communication.

The Hero Card menu in the operator interface is displayed according to the client’s browser language. However, you can switch the Hero Card language at any time as an operator. If you want to use a Hero Card in another language when communicating with a client, simply change it in the centre panel. All available Hero Cards for the selected language are displayed.

Using Hero Cards to communicate with a client

Click on the Hero Cards section in the top toolbar. A list of all Hero Cards that are assigned to your company’s tenant is displayed. You can do several things:

  • Preview the Hero Card by clicking on a line in the list,

  • Send the Hero Card to chat with a client without modifications,

  • Fill in a field or select an option from the list for a client and send the Hero Card to chat,

  • Create a new Hero Card during a session by clicking the Add button. However, this function can only be performed by a user with at least Tenant admin permission.

There are 3 types of Hero Cards (WebChat, Apple Messages for Business and WhatsApp). Depending on the communication channel chosen by the client, the operator will always see the relevant Hero Card type.

Client interaction with the sent Hero Card

The sent Hero Card will appear in the chat for the client, including any edits you have made in the operator interface. On the other side, the client can edit the information, confirm the pre-filled information, or reject the card by clicking the Cancel button.

If the client fill information into the Hero Card and/or confirms it, the operator is notified by a sound.

Both the operator and the client can Cancel or Confirm the sending of information in the Hero card into the chat.

Hero card acceptance or rejection will be indicated in the chat as:

  • Confirmed by the client

  • Cancelled by the client

  • Confirmed by the operator

  • Cancelled by the operator

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