Telephone campaigns

This section is dedicated solely to handling telephone campaign sessions. WhatsApp campaign calls are handled in the same way as "normal" WhatsApp sessions.

Telephone campaigns are an integral part of telephony and represent the process of calling a large volume of clients who meet certain predefined parameters.

When handling the campaign calls by the operator based on the pre-set routing, the outgoing (campaign) calls are automatically directed to the operator and these are then displayed in the Operator section. The operator then may find these campaign calls in the “Waiting” column where also other types of sessions are shown and marked with an icon (a megaphone).

Just as with other types of sessions, it is possible to display its preview.

The application supports two types of campaigns:

  • preview and

  • predictive

The handling of both types of campaigns is very similar, but it is still different.

The campaigns are one of the functions which may be turned on and off, and if you are interested in using them, please contact your sales representative or contact us via the chat on our website with a request for its activation.

It's part of the Enterprise License.

Preview Campaigns

After the session is accepted by the operator, a time countdown commences, the so-called BCW (Before Call Work), after the end of which one of the other phone numbers included in the campaign is automatically dialed.

Predictive Campaigns

Here, the operator does not encounter a time countdown (BCW). This is because predictive campaign calls must first be answered by the client in order to be routed to the operator.

At that moment, the session (campaign call) is active the operator is able to choose from the standard options (modifying information about the client, adding tags, completing notes to the session, and the result of the call).

After the expiration of the pre-set ACW (After Call Work) period, another call is routed to the operator. The campaigns may be found in a separate section within the main side menu (a “megaphone” icon).

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