WhatsApp is another of the mluvii channels and it's a switchable functionality. If you do not see the section and would like to use WhatsApp, contact your sales representative or use chat on our website.

WhatsApp sessions are represented by their own icon and operators handle them in the same interface and manner as chat sessions.

Both the client and the operator can send text messages and emoticons. It is also possible to send files via chat, previews, or at least their type which the operator sees directly in the chat. The operator is able to open text files and images without having to download them to a PC. Video and audio files can also be played directly in mluvii.

Agents will appreciate the ability to verify that the message (text, file) they sent has been successfully sent to the client and that the client has read it.

Files sent during the session are stored in the conversation between Session Files and can be accessed even after the session.

The range of supported files may be limited if you choose to block certain file types across the mluvii platform.

As with chat sessions, the operator has the option of using the Contacts Directory, has a history of previous communication, and can enter the result of the session with a note at the end.

In addition, available templates and tags can be used in a session. An ongoing session can also be transferred to another operator or group of operators.

Reconnect a session with a client

Since version 2.82 the operator can resume a session that has already been terminated. This allows you to reply to the client after a longer period of time, for example with a solution to their request.

The new session is simply called up from the session table in the details of the specific session. This option is available if the client is not on the blacklist, nor is another WhatsApp session with the client in progress.

For WhatsApp sessions, it is possible to resume the session even after 24 hours from the client's last message by using a Template Message.

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