You must use the Google Chrome browser in order to work with the operator interface of the mluvii application. We strongly recommend that you use an up-to-date browser version at all times.

You can access the application at app.mluvii.com/app after logging in under an existing operator account. The managing of accounts is the responsibility of the company administrator.

In addition to a combination of email and password, you can also sign in to app using your Google Account.

If the user sets his own username (i.e. changes the default e-mail address), he must always use the username and the password he has set during login. The combination of the password and the email address will no longer work!

After login

Upon logging into the mluvii application, you will be redirected to the basic workspace. If you sign up for the first time on your computer, it will prompt you to authorize the use of the audio and video (AV) device.

AV devices must be permitted if the operator wants to use them during A/V or phone calls. For example, without an available microphone, the operator is unable to dial an outgoing call.

You will also be prompted to enable notifications for the site (app.mluvii.com). It is recommended to enable these notifications (this way the operator will be able to receive notifications even when he is active in another system, etc.).

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