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How to make high quality screenshots and save browser console content.


This document was created in order to provide the best way how to make high quality screenshots and transcripts of browser console (Google Chrome). Many times our customers sent us only fractions of screen which were unsufficient. Therefore, this manual should help our customers to distribute screenshots of mluvii app along with helpdesk ticket itself in best possible way and quality.

The document has two major parts:

a) Description of required details and features of screenshots

b) Documented way how to access a browser console and saving of its content to a file

The better the screenshots and a browser console content is, the easier and faster the ticket resolution can be.


Within the following chapters there are listed details related to the way how to make screenshots and saving content of a browser console. Both elements should be sent to our helpdesk. The more full page screenshots you send, the better.


Once you encounter some unintended behavior or any error which is visible to mluvii user, make a full page screenshot (including URL address bar and system time displayed in lower windows task bar).

URL address is sometimes useful when we try to find out which section of mluvii app or information in general an user tried to display. The most important parameters are generally Session ID, browser and OS. Windows System Time is usefull particularly in cases when we don’t know the session ID and we need to find some session in the Session list.

Content of browser console

In a browser console various events, warnings and errors are listed. All of these occur when you use the mluvii application. These errors and warnings are the best clues for us when we try to find out what went wrong.

Once you experience some strange behavior or error it’s the right time to open the browser console and save its content into a text file.

Please follow the procedure:

1) Press F12 key

2) Click on „Console“ tab (the second tab)

3) Click anywhere into the displayed tab by right click button

4) Select „Save as“ option and save the text file. The best file format is rich text format „.rtf“

If you are using a Mac, press Cmd + Option + J to bring up the console viewer (step 1).

Also, it‘s possible to open the browser console and make a full-page screen (mluvii app and browser console together). Generally, it’s more convenient to provide a file with the content of the browser console separately (text file).

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