A) Operator

What should I do before I log in to the Mluvii application as an operator?

Turn off any apps and programs that your webcam is using (such as Skype). Make sure you have the sound turned on and set a reasonable volume. Always use Google Chrome.

How do I insert a note on an already-completed session?

On the taskbar, click the Session icon and select the specific session you want to add a note to. Move to the “Notes” tab at the end in the open window at the right of the screen. Write your note here and save it with the “Save” button.

How do I upload files to my file library?

Log in as an operator and click the Profile icon at the bottom of the main bar. Here, select the desired item in the Tenants list (in some cases more than one is shown) and then click the “Files” button. Then click “Add” to continue. This allows you to insert an uploaded file, name it, and place it in a file structure. To add a YouTube video, enter its URL in the appropriate line. To save the file or video, press the “Save” button. Delete the file in the basket icon.

How do I set up a view of the operator’s photo instead of a company logo after accepting a chat?

At the bottom of the taskbar, as the operator click on the Profile icon and then select the specific Tenant item. Click the Select button and paste the photo of the operator. Confirm the operation with “Save”. If the photo is not selected, the company logo will appear instead.

B) Administrator

What should I do if my incoming requests are not received by the operator?

This situation is closely related to routing. The operator is most likely not a member of a group that is defined as a target group in the settings. Another cause may be the inappropriate setup of conditions that make it impossible for the client to connect with the operator.

The company’s name disappeared from the chat window. How to solve it?

The company name is set in the package settings on the Chat tab, where the Type item is located. Here you have to choose either Basic (i.e. company name) or Custom option and fill in the title for that language (English, Czech and others) in the newly displayed window. You may have a different company name in the title for each language. Be sure to confirm each edit with the “Save” button.

The incoming chat is not ringing in the queue for all operators. What should I do?

In the group setting, it is possible to select the option of Sequential assignment according to operator (assigned to the least busy operator), the opposite is routing for the entire group.

The operator does not see the incoming chat preview. How can I fix this problem?

Go to Settings by clicking on the corresponding icon in the taskbar and click on “Applications”, where you select “Expert Settings” from the menu that appears. In the “Preview of Waiting Guest” from the side menu, select “Allow” and confirm the change with the “Save” button.

Can the operator only look into their sessions, files, and templates?

Yes, it is possible. The given operator only has assigned Operator privileges assigned in Settings (not the same as company administrator or tenant admin).

C) Audio/Video

Am I ready to communicate online via WebRTC?

You can perform the test at https://test.webrtc.org/, most commonly within Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Please allow access to all media before launching a test in the browser. If the test runs smoothly, you are ready to use all the features of the Mluvii application.

What should I do when the customer does not see me in a video call?

Make sure that you have turned off all apps and websites using your webcam (e.g. Skype or other communication solutions). Check that you are not connected to a restrictive network (for example, a business network that has specific restrictions and settings). If you are on a restrictive network that forbids the transfer of videos, the customer will not see you. If a customer is coming from Internet Explorer, ask him/her if he/she has Flash installed and enabled. If he/she does not, he/she cannot see you.

What should I do if I do not see a customer during a video call?

Make sure the client has a connected (and/or installed) camera and that you have switched on the camera in the Mluvii application. It is also possible that the client has prohibited the browser from using an audio/video device. The client may also be in a restrictive network that does not allow data to pass through (for example, a corporate network). The Mluvii application is based on WebRTC, which is not supported by all browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer). Whether the customer has chosen any input (the browser uses Flash technology, the camera automatically adapting the room to the operator. A flash window appears on the output of the operator’s camera, which must be confirmed with the “Enable” button (access to the camera and microphone). The customer must do the same for audio/video connections.

The customer does not hear me during the session. How can I solve this problem?

Make sure that you have an active microphone on your device and that you have the audio enabled in your browser and that you have the sound turned on directly in the app. Make sure that the data transfer does not hinder the restrictive network. On the client side, make sure that the client has functional and properly set speakers (such as mute, mute for specific browsers, etc.). Also, make sure the client has Flash installed in the browser.

What should I do if I do not hear a customer?

Make sure the client has a microphone, that it is turned on, properly installed in the computer and that the client has not disabled the microphone in the browser. If the microphone is disabled, a simple solution may be to establish a new connection to the operator (the browser should ask the client for the enabling of the audio/video device every time it is connected to the client).

My desktop sharing does not work. How do I solve this problem?

The operator must be logged in from Google Chrome. Make sure you have the mluvii application plugin installed. Desktop sharing with the client is only possible if the client is using Chrome or Firefox. In the case of Chrome, it is necessary for the client to install the Mluvii plugin before sharing, which should be invoked by the app itself.

How does file sharing work through a QR code?

Using a QR code, the customer can upload files to the application if the operator asks for it. The customer must have a QR code tracking app installed on their smartphone (available from a store - such as Google Play or the App Store). Then it launches the application and loads the appropriate code. The customer application prompts you to take a picture or select a file from your phone. Then just wait for the file to upload and the file is shared on the application desktop.

Why are the files loading for such a long time?

File retrieval time depends on their format, size, and the quality of your connection and the customer’s. The best solution is to wait.

What should I do when upon launching an Invitation the operator camera does not work and the operator camera is enabled in the application settings?

Once you have made sure that the operator camera is enabled in the system settings, check the settings stored in other SW utilities (for Windows). E.g. if you are using a Lenovo PC or notebook, you may have the the Lenovo Solution Center application installed. Here, you need to check the status of the camera and, if disabled, to enable it.

What is the data consumption for audio-visual calls?

With version 2.30, we significantly reduced mobile data consumption for audio-visual calls.

720p 30fps video transfer:

** Old transfer (to version 2.29) **

Data consumption: 5.0 - 6.0 Mbps which is 37.5 - 45 MB per minute of video.

** New transfer (from version 2.30) **

Data consumption: 1.0 - 2.0 Mbps which is 7.5 - 15 MB per minute of video.

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