ACW (After-call work) - The length of time an operator evaluates a session that has just been completed

BCW (Before-call work) - the amount of time the operator has to prepare for the campaign call (e.g. study the existing communication with the client), which will automatically start immediately after the countdown is completed.

Fallback - a routing feature when the customer fails to meet the overflow conditions, the customer redirected back to the first group

Iframe - Custom page embedded in an existing page (for example: Input / Output / offline form; Pop-up)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - an automated telephone system that offers callers a predefined set of available operations from which the caller selects using the keypad

Icon - graphic representation of a button

Visitor - a user who is on our website but has not entered the queue yet

Tenant - separate/autonomous departments within a single company

Button - visual representation of mluvii buttons on a web page

Widget - a command widget that determines the shape and function of a mluvii button on a website

Customer - the user who has already entered the queue or has already had a session with your company

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