Disconnecting inactive tabs in Google Chrome

If your users are not active in the application during the entire login period, the Google Chrome browser will recognize an open inactive tab (e.g. the user has been working in another system for 15 minutes).

This is standard behavior of the browser to save maximum operating memory for other applications. To avoid a white screen and the need to always reload the application, it is necessary to mark the website "app.mluvii.com" as an exception. This guide is for that.

The procedure is as follows:

  • In the main settings menu, select "Settings"

  • Next, continue by selecting "Performance" Next to the label "Always keep these sites active click the button "Add"

  • Enter the URL "app.mluvii.com" here and click the "Add" button

In the case of a custom instance of mluvii, enter the actual URL address.

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