Minimum HW requirements for operators

Operator workstations must meet the following minimum parameters for proper operation:

  • CPU: min i5

  • RAM: 8GB RAM

  • HD: min 500MB free space

  • OS: Win10 or higher

  • Internet connection: min. 4MB/s


  • If you are going to use Audio / Video transmission (WebRTC technology) or 3rd party software consuming a large part of HW resources, we strongly recommend increasing the HW resources above the aforementioned minimum level.

  • Some antivirus software performs real-time inspection of HTTPS and audio packets, which reduces the quality of audio transmitted over WebRTC

  • We recommend increasing the minimum HW requirements even if you choose to use operator screen recording

  • If you are also using telephony (WebRTC technology) as part of your mluvii we strongly recommend using an internet connection via cable instead of Wi-Fi.

  • Since the number and type of additional applications at each station level varies, mluvii cannot provide a universal globally applicable recommendation.

Additional requirements:

The mluvii application requires a persistent https connection between the operator's browser and the application server (mluvii) to operate.

Network elements that actively break https connections are not compatible with the mluvii application and O2 IT Services s.r.o., odštěpný závod mluvii is not responsible for the correct functionality of the application in such cases.

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