Deployed on: 25. 5. 2023

Mluvii News

1) Control your emails with our API

Integrate your CRM or other systems with our platform and easily create new emails. When an event occurs in your CRM associated with a specific client, we automatically generate a new email associated with the operator. The address and content of the email are pre-populated according to the command from your CRM.

With the help of our API, you can easily attach attachments to emails. The operator can even add custom attachments directly from the UI and further customize the email as needed before sending.

2) Take advantage of WhatsApp template categories

We've added a new feature in Mluvii that allows you to differentiate WhatsApp templates by type (Marketing, Utility, and Authentication). The operator can now easily identify which type of template is already used within a particular session and which not to send to avoid unwanted costs.

This allows you to use templates more efficiently in your WhatsApp communications and optimize costs. You can be sure that your messages are accurate and relevant to each client.

3) Update templates easily and automatically

In Mluvii, we have introduced regular nightly synchronization of WhatsApp templates. Every night, the templates are automatically updated, meaning your operators will always have the latest versions of the templates.

With automatic syncing, you don't have to update templates manually, saving time and ensuring your communications are always up-to-date and consistent. Your operators will be able to instantly send messages with the most up-to-date templates, making their job easier and reducing the risk of error when communicating with your clients.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Fixed some bugs in the automated message settings.

  • A new user in Tenant can use the phone again immediately after adding it.

  • Fixed an issue with longer chat sessions.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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