Deployed on: 18. 10. 2023

Mluvii News

🌟WhatsApp Hero Cards🌟

For a long time now, you can send a client a Hero Card with a selection of multiple product and service options when communicating via WhatsApp. Now when the client presses the button in the Hero Card, the operator will receive a message in the chat with the client's last choice. The choice is also written into the session parameter.

🌟Connection failure alert🌟

We have improved the reliability of the notification. We will now only notify you if there is a severe connection failure. The notification is now more relevant and less intrusive.

🌟 Status of contacts in WhatsApp campaign🌟

For each contact, you can now see if they have received the message or even read it already. That's how you know the success of your campaign in real-time.

🌟 Chatbot API🌟

If a chatbot sends a Hero Card to a client, it now gets back information about the client's choice. Previously, it was only possible to track client responses via session parameters. Now the chatbot gets the response directly via webhook.

🛠 Minor but Significant Adjustments 🛠

  • Campaign contact states: when the campaign is shut down, the contacts are switched to the correct state

  • Added scrollbar: In routing settings, we added a scrollbar when selecting from a long list of external contacts.

  • More reliable forms: We have refactored the form setup code to make it even more reliable

Thank you for your feedback which helps us to continuously improve the language :)

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