Deployed on 7. 3. 2024

Mluvii News

🌟 Calling mobile numbers🌟

Connecting two phone calls outside the Mluvii platform? No problem! Thanks to our API, you can easily connect your branch employee to a client, even if they're not logged into Mluvii. What's more, you can find a recording of that call in your app. Just use our API, even directly from your CRM system.

🌟 Click on the menu items🌟

If you often set up larger workflows in your app, you'll appreciate the new ability to click items directly from where you are. No more tedious switching between screens!

🌟 Improved filtering of parameters 🌟

Now you can easily filter even in your session parameters! Searching for sessions based on your specific criteria is now even easier. To activate this feature, just contact your sales representative.

πŸ›  Minor but Significant Adjustments πŸ› 

  • Sign off: We have fixed an occasional problem with logging out of the app.

  • Texting: Some texting in the contact directory has been added.

Thank you for your feedback which helps us to continuously improve the mluvii :)

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