Implemented on: 7 May 2019

What's new in mluvii

1) Setting up chatbot availability

Chatbots are great partners for operators. They do what they are told without talking back, they do not have to rest, and sometimes they even entertain the client. We know this well in mluvii and we are constantly trying to improve communication automation. You can now set the availability of individual chatbots in the Opening Hours tab similarly to operator groups. If you don’t set a limit, the chatbot will be available to your clients all the time. But even a chatbot sometimes deserves a holiday, which you can set in the Holidays tab :-). You can learn more in our documentation.

2) View a conversation transcript by clicking on the session detail

You can get to a session transcript even easier now. When you open the session detail, you no longer have to click on the conversation transcript every time. We decided to swap the order of the tabs so you can check the course of each session even easier.

3) History of parameters in the session detail

We presented the history of parameters in the session detail before. With your feedback, we have worked to make the history panel distinctive enough. Now it remains expanded and everyone can set the size according to their preferences :-).

4) Rejection of routing requests after working hours

We remedied the situation when a client opens a chat just before the end of working hours and enters the queue after working hours. Newly, when entering the queue, the availability of individual operators is checked, and if no one is online, the client is redirected to the offline form. Now the client will not have to wait until the next day. See the documentation for a complete routing description.

Minor changes in the app:

  • Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the chat messages.

  • Notifications for operators no longer displays minus values.

  • The client can insert only one file when requesting a file share.

  • An application is no longer ringing to the operator when the client is accepted by another operator.

  • Added scrollbar to select widget when previewing widgets, forms and Hero cards.

  • Website in the section Browser renders it the way it should on Internet Explorer clients.

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